Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's a bird, a plane, no its a duck

Dogs in my yard last night. Two lovely yellow golden retrievers came in the back gate from the field ... they live along the road a bit but I was down feeding the birds with our little Connor when they came in ... wagging their tails. I hated shooshing them away but they ended up eating the bread I put out for the birds .... before they left...
I will have to close the gate I guess now ... hopefully the ducks which are now enjoying the bird seed as well will just fly over the wire fence and still visit.
It's getting a bit like a menagerie down there. :-) I haven't seen my beautiful deer for a while now .... they will have headed back up into the dense trees again I suppose .. lots of grass coming now and buds on trees and all things delicious to them and the bears. The bears will be out with their new cubs filling up their bellies .... what a life they have. Sleeping all winter and coming out of hibernation so much thinner. Now that's the way to do it... lol

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