Monday, April 27, 2009

How Irresponsible and dopey

How irresponsible and terrifying ....
"A low-flying jet used by President Obama was escorted by fighter jets over New York Harbor this morning, evoking fears another terror attack was underway.
The president was not aboard the plane, which was on a government mission to snap photos of the Statue of Liberty.

Several office buildings in Lower Manhattan were evacuated and streams of people were seen rushing into the streets."
How dangerous is that ... how stupid... how terribly ridiculous to do such a horrendous thing because they wanted photos of the statue of Liberty. Why would anyone even think of doing this and what a waste of taxpayes money.. not to mention the fright factor ... imagine sitting in one of those office buildings in other skyscrapers and seeing a low flying big plane coming at you.
Gosh I feel sorry for the people of New York... it could have caused heart attacks, car accidents, people being trampled ... and on and on .. to see another huge plane flying low heading for the city up the Hudson river ....... urgh!!
And we all know that President Obama uses tele prompters every time he speaks.. well it went beserk today I think and he was standing there stuck for words. Didn't know what to say. It broke down and he stood there like a complete dummy ...... He really is just a mouth piece for the person who writes these speeches. I really don't think he can say anything without those prompters. Hopeless ............

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