Monday, April 20, 2009

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It will soon be Mother's Day again. I never have a nice time on that day ... remembering that I could not have my own children ... and now also that my own mum is no longer with me. She is buried in a sweet little country cemetery close to where I used to live. She was a country girl and her resting place is a peaceful small area near a field where there are sheep and horses ... with big shady trees. I used to pick a huge bunch of white daisies from my garden to take over to the cemetery for her .... she is in the photo above. She had a stroke when she was just 49 and dad and myself looked after her till she died at age 66. Her left side was paralyzed .. she had a very sad life I thought ... before she met my dear old dad. He loved her dearly and had so much patience when he was dealing with her ........ they are both together now .........

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