Thursday, April 23, 2009

The little bunny in the image here is so pretty. I love bunnies. When I lived in Australia .. as a young girl and even into my forties... I had bunnies as pets. They were varied in colours ... but their names all began with "B". Of course there was Bugs, then Bobbie, Basil, Boots, Burt, and Blackie. They would run around the yard which was all enclosed ... and my beautiful Old English Sheepdog, Boswell, would stand and watch them ... I think he was a bit scared of them ... as he was with mice. He was so big and gorgeous .. yet frightened of a little mouse that one day ran across the deck from the shed. Even now here in Canada after ten years... I still think of them when I'm peeling carrots or corn or taking the leaves off the lettuce ........ they would love all those goodies........... gotta love the bunnies :-))

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