Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Again

Panic in the streets, people evacuating buildings, workers wondering if another 9.11 was happening. Screams and stares.
What the heck!!!!!!!!!!
Air Force One coming in low over the city of New York .. flanked by fighter jets. Now wouldn't you be scared.
I can't believe some moron at the White House approved this "photo op" and didn't think that it would be terrifying for the people of the city to see a huge plane coming in low ....... and apart from the cost of $50,000 an hour to fly Air Force One ... who couldn't have used Photoshop to put the plane in front of the Statue of Liberty. All they wanted to do was take a photograph of the plane and the statue. I hope nobody died from a heart attack, I hope nobody rang their families crying that they were stuck in a lift and a plane was coming ... I hope nobody fell and hurt themselves as they were running away from disaster again. I hope nobody cried thinking of what was going to happen. The panic was real. The sight was real. The terror was real.
Good Lord....... fire the bloke who okayed this...... oh!!! Isn't Obama the Commander in Chief ???????
And his latest acquisition to cabinet is some woman whose name escapes me at present .. who is really good pals with the "baby killer" doctor who performs abortions on babies at 8 and 9 months. Someone ought to kill him. How can you abort a live, beautiful, sweet little baby especially at or near to full term..... isn't that murder. This doctor does it because the mother might be having "mental stress". Oh but wait.... wouldn't it be for the $5,000 he charges each one of them to kill their child for them. I can't believe this is allowed to happen. People will be outraged over this as well.

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