Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama Oh My !!

Gosh I don't know if people appreciate my words about the USA President or not.... sometimes I think I should keep my Aussie gob shut but after today's news about what he plans to do ... I'm stunned. He now figures that the USA has been using torture.... and that the CIA agents who carried out the waterboarding or "putting a guy - who was afraid of insects .... in a box with a caterpiller" should now be prosecuted. He has done a complete turn around on what he said yesterday. Obviously some left wing democrats got to him and he's now changed his mind..... there's talk of even prosecuting Bush.
Does he not remember nine eleven. Does he not know that the "terrorists" in the world ... who by the way we are not allowed to refer to anymore as the "war on terror" ... will have no second thoughts about beheading anyone they capture... Does he not know about suicide bombings killing innocent people and military. Does he not know that the so called torture kept the USA safe from attacks on their home ground for the past 9 or so years. I'm beginning to wonder if he can even think for himself. Of course he knows all the stuff I've mentioned above ... but he seems to care less for the people involved ... which is mind boggling seeing that those rules about torture tactics were instigated with the support of the Democrats.

Where is he coming from ???????? I find him to be so ingenuous. He changes tactics when his White House mates don't like what he says ... can't he think for himself and stick to his actions at least once without back tracking. I feel sorry now for those CIA agents who were just doing their jobs ...... who were trying to get information out of the terrorists to save the USA and the world from more killings and useless goings on that will not stop just because he says the USA now does not torture. In fact they will increase. What a windfall for the terrorists ... to have a guy "on their side" who won't hurt them unnecessarily. And I'm still peeved at knowing that Obama blatently says he's not a muslim when all his family are muslims, he has lived in a muslim country, and he's got a muslim name.
I could go on for ages about this... it bugs me to pieces. Every day I turn on the news and find out something else he's instigating. Like the bailouts to big companies who now don't want the money from the government after they found out that the Government will run the company...... and who now are not allowed by that government to return it. Since when does the Government have the right to hire or fire CEO's. Then there is the New York Times who were told by their bosses the other day not to write anything derogatory about Obama .. stick to the green issues they said.... well what happened to fair media coverage. It seems so many of these programs on telly, or newspapers are so one sided in their left wing views nobody is getting told the full story on anything. Corruption seems to be running wild in Congress ... I'm utterly appalled ......... and feel so sad for the USA ...... he's running it into the ground .... and putting debt on the children and grandchildren for the next 40 or so years. It's like teenagers going rampant with a new credit card knowing they have no way of paying it off.
Forgive me if you are a Democrat and voted for him. I'm an Aussie and all this was so new to me when I arrived in North America and got a 24 hrs news show on the telly .... I just never knew about all what goes on behind the scenes of the USA Government. Wow.. is all I can say and keep the country in my prayers. I love the United States .. always have ... and loved visiting it from Australia some 8 times ... and I sure do worry about it now.

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