Friday, May 1, 2009

All the Grandmas

Our little Connor was here this evening ... for a few hours. I took him for a really enjoyable long walk up the hill and passed a lot of houses... and barking dogs... :-) He made a crow noise when he saw one on somebody's front lawn... he "talked" to me all the way as I pushed his stroller ....even though I can't understand a darn word of it.... he's trying hard to get the words out and he's pretty good at saying "How woe" ......... Hello of course.... he's so funny and sweet.
He loves watching the birds with me .. and eating cookies at the same time .... I must admit it's lovely to be a grandma even if I'm just a pretend one ... we are not blood related ... even though some say we look alike. He's a lucky boy..... he has real grandmas, a step grandma and two great grandmas.... and even a step great grandma....

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