Monday, May 25, 2009

Keep it Fresh

Argh!!!!!!!!! diabetes blood glucose readings are normal and that's wonderful news for me after trying for such a long time ... being good and only eating all the right things.... now at last I can see some results. Keeping my fingers crossed that the lower numbers will help with my pains and aches particularly in my legs and feet. It's a rotten disease.... and so many people are new to it every single month. It's an epidemic across the USA ... and I guess in Canada too ....and probably other countries.... but gosh if you take your time whilst shopping and read those food labels its no wonder there are so many people with it. Everything is loaded with the dreaded sugar. And lots of it is in stuff you would not even think would have it ... like tins of peas, and ketchup. I'm saddened when I hear of so many little young kids getting it. At least I have enjoyed my chocolates and other things for 56 or so years ... they are barely getting started and already have to watch everything they eat and drink. Manufacturers need to stop adding so much of it. Who needs it in their yogurts, and in cereals. Let people add their own if they want to. It's very difficult to buy stuff without it.... annoying to say the least.

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