Saturday, May 9, 2009

Around and Around

I began my insulin therapy yesterday... wasn't too easy at first injecting myself but I'm better at it already and it doesn't hurt so that is good. I'm hoping I can get the diabetes under control now and feel better. I have eaten correctly for a long time now but nothing was working for me... I guess the old pancreas wasn't working as good as it should... I was pleased when the doctor said it was not my fault...
I was reading up on poor Farrah Fawcett too.. she has cancer and now has lost her pretty hair. I don't think she has long to live... same goes for Patrick Swayze. What a horrible thing this cancer is. My grandfather died of it when I was about 5 ... and that was back in 1955 ... it amazes me that there has not been a cure found for it. I sometimes think that drug companies make so much money out of us all being ill .. why would they declare a cure even if they had one ... it's in their best interests to keep making pills or whatever for us to keep paying them for.
And as I watch the telly each day .. there isn't an hour go by that I don't see an advertisement for medications or for claims about compensation for medications that have caused disastrous side effects or even death. Claim this ... claim that .. see this lawyer or that lawyer. Recalled drugs, drug interactions ... it goes on and on .... I think most people would feel a whole lot better without the drugs. I know I do ... you take one and that gives you side effects which you have to take another one for ... its a vicious circle of pain, medication, more pain, more medication ... turning us into some sort of sleeping zombies. Thank goodness I only need to take my blood pressure meds.. and now the insulin ... and with my bike riding and running and walking on my treadmill I should be able to lose even more weight and get off the bp meds and even the insulin ... who knows... :-) At least its worth a try. I'll end up looking like a super model.. with a thin, slinky body... Now that really is dreaming !!!!! :-))

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