Sunday, May 31, 2009

I hate spam

Today I put back the spam blocker on my emails ... they are driving me insane with all the
viagra and penis emails. Enlarge my penis, and a thousand more headings to grab the attention of those who think they need this crap ... and unassociated headings to grab the attention of all of us other people who think it might be from an old friend or something else. But no...... it's all for penis enlargement and if I get another one of them I'll scream.
Surely there must be other things they can spam us with ... why is it always about the size of your private parts. The spam creators must think its only men who are reading these emails ... or who get emails to begin with. Why don't they spam us girls with chocolates, or flowers, or shoes and handbags..... there must be a zillion things we would buy ...... other than penis enlargement pills. Urgh!!!!!!! I wish there was a reply button on these emails and I could send them back. All I can do is block some of their addresses and hope it calms down a bit. Hopefully the spam blocker will do its job and not ... alas... block anything that I don't want blocked... which inevitably happens. Oh well... if anyone wants me bad enough they will try my other email addresses or maybe even phone me. :-)

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