Friday, May 1, 2009

Seeds of Contentment

I just toasted up a container full of sunflower seeds.. .I love those.... put the raw shelled ones onto a cookie sheet and toast them in the oven for just a couple of minutes. I add them to everything or when I want a little nibble of something I eat a teaspoon of them. Having diabetes means I have to be very careful what I eat ... these seem to help me a lot with the snacking thing.... and they are so yummy. I think my little squirrels here who visit my bird feeder every day would love them even more if I toasted theirs for them. I watched one little guy up close just a few days ago... I wanted to see how he actually got into the seed to get out the yummy middle part... I was only about 6 inches away from him. He picked one up... and sort of bit it across the top like he was undoing a zipper and then sucked up the seed and then tossed away the shell. He was gobbling them up like there was no tomorrow.
So gorgeous and funny. We have lots more birds coming to visit and there sure isn't anything nicer than sitting out on the deck in the shade watching and listening to their antics each day.
Reading my mystery and having a cuppa and enjoying the sounds. Our human visitor today enjoyed the tea out on the deck with us .... I could just sit there all day ...... nothing like it...

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