Thursday, May 14, 2009

Biking Around

I went bike riding this evening. It was a nice mild time ... and lots of fun cruising down the road to the plant nursery. Past a house which had three beautiful horses in the field, then came across some barking dogs who distracted me a bit. I have a little basket on the front like this little girl has ... but alas, no doggie in a wagon being towed behind. I was a good girl, and wore my helmet.... :-) darn thing squishes my hair but that can't be helped. At least it will save my head if I fall off which I've done a couple of times last year. I go slow, and enjoy the view. It seems to help with my diabetes blood sugar reading later on in the night .... so I have to keep going and try to get in some extra time out there. Soon the lawn will need mowing .....(that will be good exercise for me) ... it's growing so fast and so lovely and green... which is nice to see after many, many, cold winter months where everything is snow and ice. We even had some hummingbirds zoom passed us today whilst we were out on the deck. I love those little things. They are like fighter jets... so fast and tipping and turning in all directions.

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