Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Old Nancy Pelosi is in deep do-do ... :-) She is now denying that she was ever told about the "torture" procedures even though she went to a briefing back in 2002 after 9.11 ...... and was shown how it all went on .... she is back stepping like hell now. She even said at the time ...shouldn't they be doing more.... Since it now suits her politically to deny it all ....... makes one wonder is there anyone at all in Congress that is decent, reliable, and who really has the country's best interests at heart.
Sad as it is ... I think these people like her .... need something else bad to happen before they begin to realise that the things that the military did to protect the country from further attacks... which it did .... for 7 or so years after 9.11 ... worked. It's like they have forgotten the suffering and deaths. The bad guys will not hesitate to behead anyone they don't like, they are killing military, they are suicide bombing countries all over the world. What the bloody hell does it matter if they get tortured. I have no time for do-gooders who stand up for the terrorists rights. They do not care about our rights. And if putting a caterpiller into a box with a guy who is frightened of insects can be classed as torture ... what the heck has the world come to when they worry about doing that. Pelosi is going down.... down the gurglar and needs to resign or have her political position taken away from her. She was indeed told about the procedures years ago ... now she's blaming the CIA and they won't like that. She's a liar... and that's scarey when she's third in line to be President. If something bad happened to Obama, and then Joe Biden ... she's the one who would be head of the country. YIKES !

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