Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Naughty But Nice

I will need to go on cat patrol today and forever after. This morning I saw the big white cat from down the road walking away with a little bird in its mouth. They are so cruel. Most times they don't eat them, they aren't hungry, it's just something to torture till it dies. He is owned by an old lady a few doors away from me ... she's also got a black one... but I might have to go visit her soon and tell her that they are killing the birds in our yard. I hate it that it might have been my fault for feeding them.... but then again we have a big field behind us and the cats go over there regardless. I'll sit out there today with something to throw at the cat... a small potato will do ... :-) I can't have him coming and killing my birds. There have been so many lately... so pretty, so busy and so happy in their singing and antics. Oh well.... perhaps he might have caught it anyway even if I wasn't putting food out for them. :-((

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