Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama Date Night

Well what the heck... let's spend $100,000 on our date night. Calculated by experts .. they have figured out that one night out for the Obama's ... this one anyway ... (they have been on several) has a price tag of over $100,000. A night in New York to see a show. Security, marine one helicopter, and secret service and everything else that it costs for the pair of them to go out on the town is astounding.
Don't they have date nights every night of the week.... with neither of them having to cook dinner, or staying home to babysit the girls .... doesn't Michelle go everywhere with him on overseas trips.. and other places. I think all that would count as date nights and days. I don't know what the USA people think about the exhorbitant cost ... reckless spending ... for one night out ..... when so many of them can't even make it to their town's cheapest diner. Homes lost, jobs lost, everything else they now have to deal with... savings gone ... it's horrible. Yet it must be great for Mr and Mrs Obama. Taxpayers paying for their fun. Makes me so annoyed ... heavens knows what I'd do if I was an American taxpayer.

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