Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Much is that Doggie ...

I saw a little puppy at the mall today for sale. Gorogeous little curly, soft and caramel/cream coloured little dude... I loved him at first sight. But he was too expensive for me. $350. Wow.. what has happened to all those little puppies that you used to have people giving away ... she had three there for sale and there was over $1000 looking at me. I miss my Wilbur so much and would love another dog. I guess I'll have to keep looking and maybe find one that needs a kind home ... someone to love it and be its "mum". :-) Wilbur was a freebie ... I fell in love with him at first sight too...with his little brown and white face. He was so scared and shy and he seemed to be like that all his life bless him. ~~

Maybe my new little one hasn't even been born yet... :-) Maybe he'll just be somewhere one day when I'm there too and we'll get together... and I'll be able to bring him home with me.

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