Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle

Susan didn't win Britain's Got Talent... don't understand why .... the winners were kids but what are they going to do now. I don't think people would go to a show with just them performing.. it was all very "in your face" for the three minutes or so and nothing else. I wasn't a fan ....... poor old Susan... she should have won. But I guess she'll do alright with a recording contract .. People know what she can do now ..... and I'd buy her music. I think she wanted to win for her dear departed mum who kept her from doing a lot of things in her life whilst she cared for her at home in the house she still is in, with her cat Tiddles. Mum died a couple of years ago now I think and before she passed away she had told Susan to enter .... it would have been nice and made much more sense than having the kids win. Oh well.....

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