Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Surprise

What a nice surprise I had yesterday when three little girls who live next door to me here in the woods of Canada... knocked on the door and gave me a beautiful huge hand made Mother's Day card. They had drawn smiley faces on it... and inside when I opened it ... there was a big beak that opened and Happy Mother's Day was written inside it's mouth. It was all so cute and nice and I could see that they had gone to a lot of trouble to make it for me. The words were sweet .. saying thank you to me for being such a nice neighbour. I will have to get them together soon and take their photo and post it on my blog here.
I think they enjoyed a story I told them one day whilst we were standing out in the snow during the winter. They were enjoying the deer that were coming into our yard ... and I told them about a couple of moose that ventured one day into the front part of the yard along the little gravel roadway. I had a huge, beautiful, dressed snow man built near our deck steps and the moose came by, sniffing and wondering what the heck he was .. when all of a sudden he began to eat his carrot nose. They laughed and laughed ... It sure was funny to see the mum moose and her baby moose thinking the old snowman might be good for lunch.
I also got a pretty hanging plant from my little Connor. He came with his mum and was more enthralled that his Aussie grandma had a tea tray on the little table on the deck ... and on that tray were cookies. He looked at the plate with the cookies on it .. then looked at me... looked back at the plate, then looked at me again and I smiled ... he knew it was okay to help himself... so he took one in one hand, one in the other, and was trying to figure out how he could take the lot off the plate when he had no spare hands left. So funny. It was a nice Mother's Day for sure... even though I'm not a real mum to anyone ..... even a lady I passed when I was riding my bike to the Library yelled out Happy Mother's Day to me... :-)

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