Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank You

It's Memorial Day in the USA. I still don't understand how people say Happy Memorial Day. How can it ever be happy when they are remembering the fallen war heroes. I guess maybe those who remain at home and have lost their loved ones ... they are trying to perhaps get on with their lives as best they can ... and to remember with gratitude the sacrifices.... and loss... It must be terribly difficult. A statistic I heard on the news whilst watching a program on military ... it said that 1800 veterans of World War Two die every single day in the United States... that's incredible.
Atlantis is back .... :-) beautiful Atlantis arrived safely after a few delays ... in California this morning. The guys on board repaired the Hubble telescope in space and gave it 5 - 10 more years of life with increased capabilities. It was a tricky mission but thankfully it went well and all are safe now back home. Now Atlantis needs a piggy back ride back to Florida... at an extra 1.8 million dollars .... Welcome Home Astronauts... luv you all...

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