Friday, May 22, 2009

Bring the Truck

There's a huge yard sale this weekend in our little country town up here in the woods of British Columbia. :-) I love mooching around to see what I can find. They keep bringing out more boxes of goodies and putting them on the tables whilst you are there browsing .... and it goes for about 4 days. It's beginning to rain slightly but it always seems to do that on the sale days .. has done for the past few years since I've been going. That's where I got my second hand bike for $20 ... and some lovely crystal glasses new in their box for $4. The stores donate most of the goodies. They have everything including the kitchen sink. :-)) There's always lots of household things ... building materials, fabrics, crockery, craft things, baskets, toys, furniture .. its a gigantic sale and lots of fun. So that's where I'll be for a few hours at least today. :-)) I'd sure love it if I went there and found they had gorgeous little puppies to give away. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

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