Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can't Buy It

This is such a pretty image... I snagged it from somewhere... did not make it... The little birds it mentions certainly is true... they sure are out there in droves .. wanting to fill up their tiny feathered bellies. This morning I went out early ... and found my little squirrel doing his very loud squirrel noise from under the shed. He was standing there near the steps so I think he's hanging out somewhere close by if not completely under the shed.
I think I frightened him a bit .. it was very early and I don't think he expected me just yet. I also filled up the hummingbird feeder with lovely, sugary pink water for them as my friend who lives way up in the woods said he saw some yesterday so it means they will soon be down here in my yard like they were last year. They are really wonderful to watch and if you wear something pink or red they come so close almost landing on your shoulders. Zipping by your ear like buzzing bees ..... and I never realised they were so small till I saw one up close. Beautiful as usual.... We may not have much money, or a fancy house ... but we sure do have the beauty of nature all around us here in the woods ... there is nothing sweeter ...... money couldn't buy that.

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