Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Stooges

Joe Biden put his foot in it again... exposing the location of a top secret VP bunker. How could a responsible Vice President do that. Wow... what do they do now. Build a new one at great expense.?? And then there's old Nancy. She should resign - accusing the CIA of lying. They should use "enhanced terrogation techniques" on her to get her to admit to lying. I've had enough of her. She really does think she's the greatest. Third in line to be President ... that's a scarey thought. And Obama.... well ... I think Notre Dame university will lose a lot of its funding now that they have given him an Honorary degree. He's all for abortions ..... and that isn't what Catholic schools are about. Every day I can't believe the latest edition of gaffes and misadventures these three get up to.
I think the only ones who are doing their jobs correctly are the brave astronauts who have successfully repaired the marvellous Hubble telescope. What a wonderful thing that is. It was like performing brain surgery up there in space.... not an easy task for sure. God Bless them for their bravery, for their endurance and for their skills to do the job that most of the rest of the world could never do. I keep them all in my heart.

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