Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time to Celebrate

well I'm not sure how I can celebrate..... without having a yummy piece of cake, or a nice alcoholic drink, perhaps a box of chocolates... No, No, No. I'd be extremely bad if I did that but perhaps if I jump around the house a bit ... LOL... like a crazy woman that will suffice. My blood sugar this morning was way down to 6.4. I cannot remember when it was that low. So my insulin is working and perhaps as I tweek it a bit with regards to the food and the time of night I inject myself, or what I eat nearer to bedtime ... I might be able to bring the insulin dose down a bit.
What a nice surprise it was to at last see something happening. I'm beginning to feel a bit like a pin cushion ... with injecting myself and also jabbing that little needle to get a drop of blood for testing .... so often ... but I can take all that if it works for me. The diabetes educator will be happy for me when I go back on the 26th to see her. She's been very good with me, and very helpful. I think if I lived in a town where there were heaps of wonderful malls and nice shops I might splurge on a pretty new jumper (sweater as they say here in Canada) .... but there are not many stores here in our little Canadian town so I'll have to celebrate when I get to visit a bigger town or perhaps down in Vancouver when we get there to visit my father in law one day.
In the meantime I'll continue to be good.... plenty of exercise and no yummy things to eat ... and keeping my fingers crossed that my diabetic neuropathy in my legs will abate or perhaps disappear.

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