Monday, May 4, 2009

Rock a Bye Baby

Well it must be pretty tiring hanging out with the Aussie grandma. Our little Connor came today for a visit whilst his mum went off to the gym. We went for a walk in the stroller... then we played with his train on a rope in the back yard .. we fed the birds some apple peelings and pieces he was eating ... we checked out what was in the shed, we played ball up on the deck. Then we sat on the chairs down on the lawn which isn't quite green yet from its winter hibernation ... had some rice crispies then rocked back and forth on my nice swingy seat.
We put up the big shady umbrella... and had some nice cool drink to quench our thirst after all that activity. :-)
Wasn't long before his eyes were shutting .. slowly at first .. fighting all the way because he was having too much fun to go to sleep ... :-) then as the old Aussie grandma rocked back and forth on the swing holding onto him ... off he went. Birds chirping, sun shining, quiet and lovely here in the woods. It was nap time ... and there was no holding him back from it.
LOL so funny.

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