Thursday, May 21, 2009

Put the Country First

Well today as I watch the news ... Obama's speech about the bad guys (the Bush administration !!!)... and Cheney's speech about how they kept the country safe.... I felt a bit appalled that no matter who is right or wrong it seems that they only care about themselves. Why can't they both stand up there together, shake hands, and do what is right for the country ... no matter what side they are on.
I guess I'm a Republican... :-) if I was an American I would vote for them. I respect President Bush for doing what had to be done ... enhanced interrogation ... because no matter what is happening now it comes down to the fact that after 9.11 .... everyone was indeed kept out of harm's way from future terrorist attacks. Now Obama thinks he can be nice to the terrorists and they will give up their bad antics and perhaps they can all sit down and have tea and cake together. That is how he comes across to me in his speeches. I'm really tired of hearing what he says.... if he's not backtracking on his mistakes ... he's continually going after the past administration ........ with no acknowledgement ever that they kept the USA safe after that horrible day in history. I think he needs to unplug his mandatory tele prompters and say something grateful to the Republicans for at least keeping his family safe ...........

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