Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pretty Woman

Woke up this morning to lots of rain and even some snow tossed in for good measure.. I thought the snow had finished but its putting on a grand show again - not wanting to give up just yet for the spring and summer. Oh well... it will be a good day to sit and read my mysteries. Tomorrow I'm off to the diabetes educator for her to show me how to begin my insulin treatment. I have all the stuff I need and I'm actually looking forward to beginning it so I can start to feel better. On the news I saw early ... and actually since she was in the pageant... poor Miss California .. once again the crazy left wing journalists, tv people and of course the gays ... are attacking her for the way she answered Perez Hilton's question about marriage. He's as gay as they come ..!!!! and very weird to begin with ... and when she said she believed in marriage between a man and a woman she's being vilified from all directions. Terribly mean and senseless.. the poor girl simply answered a question ... of course they knew what that question was going to be from a gay judge ... now they are being completely horrible to her.
Sad state of affairs when people can't stand up for what they believe in and get treated so badly for simply saying she doesn't think people of the same sex should get married. I'm with her... I understand that some gay couples might want to at least be able to visit sick partners in hospitals etc. if they are dying ... and be allowed to like a spouse would be ... but opening the door for men to marry each other and women to marry each other... what the heck will be next. Grandparents marrying grandchildren, brothers marrying sisters, men marrying more than one woman ... it's stupid and it seems like everything else going on in today's world ... people are dropping morals and faith in droves and making new rules along the way to suit themselves.
And God help you if you don't tow the line and do what these new rule makers want you to do.
What is wrong with everyone .... I'm not against gays ... that doesnt bother me .... but I am against them forcing their beliefs on the country like they are the only people who matter. Beautiful Miss California deserves better treatment ... the way its going she will lose her crown soon ... they just want her out and they sure don't let up on the nastiness and cruelty.

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