Monday, June 1, 2009


GONE, GONE GONE.... today's news brings a few stories that can go under that heading.Every morning I turn on the news to see what's been happening ... today a big airbus plane has suddenly disappeared from radar ... heading from Jamaica to France. Two hundred and thirty passengers and crew ... Gone. No hope for anyone now. Authorities seem to think it was hit by lightening. ~~~~~~ Then there's GM (General Motors) ....... gone from the Dow Jones Index ... heading into bankruptcy. It's history in the making. Plants closing, more people losing jobs, and the Government is going to run the company now ... heavens help everyone involved with that fiasco. Since when does Government tell people what cars they should drive... and when does it tell companies what they should be making. Smaller, "green" versions won't be big sellers ... they need to get back to designing and making good quality trucks and family vehicles instead of these huge, expensive ones with ...... wait for it....... computers and printers on board. Who can afford a truck these days that is more than likely half the cost of a small house. $60,000 some of them..... build family oriented vehicles that most people can afford to buy. We have a GM truck... a plain, old, worn out blue one which still gets us around town despite it's age.....

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