Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love him to pieces

Grand dog went home later this afternoon... we had a lovely time hanging out together. He's so funny. He watched me fill up the dishwasher, helped me water the plant on the deck, ate some of my left over stew, tried to sit on me whilst I was on the sofa, and I think he wore himself out because his beautiful yellow/green eyes were shutting whilst he was sitting in front of me looking at me. He was falling asleep ..... *(s) .......... he's so big.... and he sure didn't waste any time running out the front door and into the back of his mum and dad's car when they arrived. I didn't even get a thank you grandma .. or bye ... or anything. He had been waiting for them all day ... keeping an ear out for the car noise ....... he missed his lovely little family....

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