Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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My sweet little squirrel ... well actually another one I think. They are so much alike yet a little different and it's sometimes hard to tell them apart .. especially when the sun is in a different direction. I'm hoping he's the first little guy I had come to visit about 16 months ago but I am a little afraid that he might have been caught by a wandering cat. I found white fur in the yard under the bird feeder the other day and lots of white cat fur out in the field... so I'm not sure if it was a cat fight or my little guy battling for his life. I hate it that he might have died. There's not a lot I can do about other people's cats except scare them away if I see them.... but somehow I think my little guy might have been clever enough not to get caught. The grass is very short in the yard around the feeder and outside the fence where I keep it mowed down so he would have had plenty of area around where he was to see anything approaching. Bless him I hope he's okay. Maybe it was a girl and she's off feeding her little ones. I know the birds have been scarce over the past few days. I think they too, will have babies to feed and perhaps have found a great new source of "baby food". Squrrels and birds .. :-) all seem to have other things on their mind at present than turning up in my yard to feed. I hope they all are okay and will return soon perhaps with their families.

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