Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planet Earth

Yikes .. the sun comes out... then the rain comes down.... then the dandelions in my lawn grow like skyscrapers. You can actually look at the lawn in the morning and it's kind of okay... then two hours later there's nothing but yellow. It's a shame really that dandelions are weeds.. because they sure do look pretty all along the sides of the highway or in vacant lots or just in people's yards.
~~After the long white winters we have ........any dash or splash of colour is wonderful. I love flowers ........ weeds or not.... I think its all so clever that they come from the soil.... they survive the harshest conditions, yet they bloom like works of art. Sprouting forth towards the light and warmth .... and unfold like someone is painting them into existence. I watched a show on the telly the other day called Planet Earth ... and it was all about the jungles. The darkness under the trees is so intense and the fight for survival of plants trickles down through a tiny gap in the umbrella of leaves and branches. When one of those gigantic trees falls ........ it opens up the daylight and it's a race to begin living by the plants which have been dormant for centuries. Beautiful foliage and flowers, growing to gigantic heights .... competing to become the biggest the quickest ... before the growth folds in and once again covers up the ground.... and once more its dark down there.
Stunning, amazing, gorgeous, weird at times .... there's a whole series of shows called Planet Earth and last night I watched the one on fish and the oceans. Wonderful stuff.

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