Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor old Michael J....... all the rumours, the gossip, the fake reports .... was his hair nearly all gone, was he wearing a wig, was his house always dirty, and him to ... the unpaid bills, the artifically inseminated "wife" ....... the drug abuse or not .... so much of it ... How will we ever know what is real and not real with everybody and his dog and cat coming out of the cupboards and shoving their faces on the telly in an effort to take full advantage of anything that might earn them a dollar. He wouldn't take calls from his father... wasn't speaking to sister LaToya ... brother working in a take away .... I won't be surprised at anything else that comes out .... he sure was weird. Wonderful of course as an entertainer but a sad and pathetic man who never seemed to really grow up. Even his voice was like a little girls. Each day the gossip columnists and reporters have something else to tell us..... and even his family seem to want to jump on the band wagon and see what they can make from his memory. It all sure is in over-drive....

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