Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still all things Michael Jackson on the telly. Now I hear they are going to have some huge rememberance celebration happening ....... which in a way I don't understand. With all the publicity and the goings on I would think that the family might want to just have a very private and personal goodbye but of course it probably comes down to money. How much can they make from selling the rights to this tv event ..... and it seems that he was estranged from various members of his family for whatever reasons. Second autopsy .... questions about the doctor he had living in the house he was renting at $100,000 a month ... the fifty concerts he had planned but obviously had no hope of fulfilling. He was simply not well enough. One good thing at least is that the mother of his children ... or two of them... said she won't be wanting custody. (Speculation too about him not being their real father anyway.) Such a weird and muddled existence for him. And many of his friends and ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley said they saw this coming years ago and could do nothing to help him. Great entertainer, great dancer, and now I guess he'll be even more popular in death .... as it goes with all the famous who die relatively young.

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