Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avoid it

This morning on my diabetes group someone said they were dealing with some sort of hot flashes even though they were only in their thirties. I found that "aspartame" was the culprit in my case .. many years ago when I would go through waves of heat after consuming it. I did research on it and nearly fell off my chair when I read the side effects and damage it can do to your body. http://www.mac-archive.com/ns/side.html

It's in so many products like ice cream, cookies, yogurt etc. Be very careful of it. Avoid it if you can. Check out the page above and I think if you do... your eating habits will change. Of course its major deliverance to the population is in nutra-sweet. And I firmly believe that our diseases today ... in little children who drink fizzy drinks, or eat those popsicles and candies which contain it... and all of us..... are being poisoned or worse. I cannot believe it was ever approved for human consumption. My god... its horrendous stuff.

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