Friday, June 5, 2009

Rock a boy Baby

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Yesterday we ventured to the lake for a couple of hours. It's so pretty up there .. not far out of town... right in the woods of course and so peaceful and looking like all those lake scenes you see in movies. Kids were swimming, picnics, all sorts of activities and of course our Connor was on his rock collecting expedition. So funny. Earlier he came into our house with a little rock to give to grandpa....which he soon handed over when he saw the smarties in the glass candy jar .. I'd strategically placed at his eye level..... :-) He had fun for sure.... and I managed to take two photos before the batteries in my camera gave out. I guess spring/summer is really here...
Mowing lawns, riding my bike, watching the little birds construct their nests .... and trying to keep cool at the end of the day when the temperatures have risen to above 30. Oh for some air conditioning...!!!!! thanks to my Alberta pal Lorilei for the pretty quick page ..... :-))

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