Friday, July 24, 2009

Gosh whoever invented putting furniture in bits into boxes .. to assemble yourself .. ought to be shot. What a job. It was way worse than last year when we had to assemble our shed.... which seemed to have a thousand different size screws, bits of metal, weird instructions, nothing matching, holes where they weren't supposed to be ....... we were getting desperate to finish that job ... but yesterday we bought a chest of drawers and that came in a flat, heavy box. Took us about 6 hours to put the darn thing together. Please if anyone sees me in another shop about to buy something in a box that needs assembling .... ring the police and have me arrested. :-)) Or sent to a mental asylum because if I don't exactly need admitting there at the time I surely will when the project is completed and ready for use.
It didn't help that the day was hot ... we were exhausted and frustrated ...
at least now it is looking good.... and filled up with dvd's to add to our collection. Move over hubby's westerns and sci fi's ..... make room for my Sherlock Holmes collection.

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