Sunday, July 19, 2009

I just got back from my holiday for two weeks down south .. near Vancouver... British Columbia of course. Anyway I had a lovely time.... nice to get away from our small country town.... now the lawn here is up to our ears.... my potted plant has died, I'm aching from the long long long bus trip there and back which I'll never do again.... :-(( and now doing my washing and unpacking suitcases which I absolutely hate. I didn't even take any photos which surprised me a bit but I didn't feel all that inclined to go around asking rellies to pose for me or to take pics of places I'd already been and taken before... Now for some decent sleep, with no rocking and rolling from the bus on the highway ..... and a return to my day to day stuff .......... and my daisies out the front in the small garden have taken over completely. Very pretty but very untidy and messy so that will be my duty tomorrow. I missed my little squirrel ... who turned up as soon as I put out more sunflower seeds for him and a nice cool drink.

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