Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready to Roll

I'm off on my vacation tomorrow afternoon. I will miss adding to my blog but when I return I'll have lots of photos to share here with you all.
I'm really looking forward to it... so with insulin supplies in hand, clothes for cool and warm weather, *(s) ..... a book to read, spare batteries for my camera, munchies to eat on the bus, tickets, and of course my big new white handbag thats a bit like a little suitcase... I should be all set. Step daughter is coming to feed the birds for me and to water the garden if the weather turns hot here. It's been raining on and off for the past week but the ground sure doesn't take long to dry out if the temperature rises. I'll see you all when I come back... so stay tuned.... and don't forget that the archives of this blog and my Reflections of the Past blog have some really pretty goodies to snag so check those out ............................... Be good whilst I'm gone ..

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