Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poor old MJ. Michael .... what exactly were you like. With so many media reports it's difficult to know who you really were. Seeing the clips of you and your children tends to make one feel a little different towards you. It brings you into the realm of what most of the rest of us are like.... you were just an ordinary father with an extraordinary talent for singing, dancing, and making money. Now everyone and his cat .... seems to be jumping onto your bandwagon to see what they can gain from your death. So much confusion, so much contradiction ..... from your life style, abusive father, loving mother, real identity of your children, DNA, baldness, noseless, penniless or rich, lies from all concerned, doctors prescriptions, Who were you really !!!!! I very much doubt that any of us will ever know. Each day I see more crap coming out about this or that ........ for heavens sake your family can't even decide where to bury you. Rest in Peace Michael.... I think deep down you were a kind man who had such a weird childhood .....weird family ... but you sure were loved by millions around the world.

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