Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweet little birds today were looking for a cool drink. I always have a bowl of water for them in their large bird feeder. It is sooooooooooo hot out there I'm hating it. It might be alright if our truck had air conditioning, or we had it in the house or I wandered around in my shorts .... none of which happens.... or perhaps sailed out to sea on our yacht, or spent time on the beach in the shade of a beautiful beach house. But no....... when none of those things are possible .... it really gets a bit miserable. I've had enough of it back home in Australia and find here in Canada it seems to come all at once.
There doesn't seem to be any gradual ride into the heat filled days... and I sure do feel sorry for the wild animals like the bears and moose etc. that are driven nearly insane by the amount of bugs they have to deal with. Thank goodness there are plenty of lovely lakes, rivers and streams for them to get into. I think they would spend most of their restful parts of the day hidden in the darkness and coolness of the black undergrowth at the bottom of the trees. You can't see a foot in front of you in there......... one could literally come across a black bear and not even know he was a foot in front of you. It's spectacularly cool in there. We have a heat wave for the rest of this week so I'm not at all looking forward to it.

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