Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well Obama is still at it I see. Whilst we were away I didn't watch much news ... no Fox Channel which I love the best. All the girls there are so pretty and happy and fun to watch but not being able to keep up with the American news all that much for 2 weeks I think I was going through Fox news withdrawals. :-)) Obama is once again trying to push through some bill or another... this time the health care one which again seems to be over 1000 pages long and nobody has time to read. The country is broke, yet he keeps on spending and spending. I think he's like a teenager with a new credit card with no regard to the decades of money it will take to get out of the hole. Can't help worrying about the future of the USA...because it affects the prosperity of the rest of the world. It also seems much of the country is sceptical about the health care program...he wants passed in Congress in such a hurry. It certainly seems like a "fat cat" mentality where all the big wigs get what they want at the expense of the ordinary guy ..........

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