Thursday, August 6, 2009


Still trying to figure out what's what in FaceBook .... I'm not all that sure that I'll continue with it... sometimes I think people don't particularly want to know what I'm doing today and if they do they can come here to my blog and hear my rants and see my photos ...... oh well...... I'll keep plodding along with FaceBook for the time being and who knows.... something spectacular might suddenly happen.... don't know what .... LOL....
Chewie dog and his grandma are off for a walk soon in the lovely morning air. I really want to ride my bike but I'm not brave enough to attach him to any part of it ... or me... because I can see we'd end up over the bank or in a ditch if he suddenly saw a cat or something. Walking .. I think.. is a much safer proposition for the both of us. I might take my camera with me ... never know what we will come across.
Hot one today coming up .... so I'm not going to enjoy the latter part of the day. I'm still reading the wonderful book about Arthur Conan Doyle's letters to his mum. I'm up to the part where he goes to medical school but gives it up in favour of literature... so soon he'll be writing about Sherlock Holmes and earning some much needed money for him and his siblings and mum. She kept everything he ever wrote to her from the time he was only 8... and it's been quite a task for the authors of the book to compile and figure out all the scraps of paper and messages... postcards etc.... but what wonderful reading it sure is. I am enjoying it so much.

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