Sunday, August 9, 2009

gosh the USA Government moaned about the AIG executives riding around in their private airplanes now they themselves have ordered half a billion dollars worth of new aircraft to shuttle around old Nancy Pelosi and others. She flies back and forth from San Francisco to Washington every week. Good heavens. Then there is the health care bill.... town hall meetings with people going beserk because they dont' want it to happen.... frankly I'm tired of the Democrat's and others ....berating Canada's health care system... They have gone on and on about the difficulties and non treatment to us "Canadians" up here and yet in my ten years of being here I've never had one reason to complain. I get my treatment as soon as I go into the clinic and my Brian has had no hassles either. I think they find one or two people .. probably pay them... to fill their electoral needs ... to prop up their intentions .... and brain wash the rest of the country. Some days I get so bad when I hear what's going on. I do love the USA for sure and worry about what's happening to it in the hands of Obama. He's run up more expenses in the 6 months he's been in power .. than the whole USA since before world war I..... Gosh its just as well I'm not a USA citizen because I too would sure be protesting.

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