Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grand dog went home today ... miss him terribly already. I'm thinking he'll be back under my bedroom window before long ... crying for his old grandma... :-))
Wow Ted Kennedy has 85 relatives .. it was quite a bunch of people at his lovely home and through the motor procession to the J F Kennedy library where he now lies in "repose". I'd never heard that expression before. People lined up as I write to go into pay their respects to his closed coffin ... and then tomorrow they are having a good old Irish wake. What a good idea. Wakes are so much nicer than being sad. Celebrate one's life and be thankful for the good times and for all that we are given.
Just went for a long bike ride through the town and over the hills.... I like it when I have company and tomorrow we are going to do it again with our little grand daughter Hannah .... so she'll like that I'm sure.
Obama still on my mind... and all that he does and says. Deficit keeps getting higher and higher ... he keeps spending and spending. Oh well I guess I'll try to stop thinking about that catastrophe and go watch the NASA channel and get ready for another try for shuttle launch tonight...

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