Saturday, August 1, 2009

The heat is getting to me... :-)
For nearly two days I've been trying to get links in my website to work.... no amount of help from the server people... or me trying every which way to do stuff.... could I see what I was supposed to see and have my pages linked as I wanted them. Thanks to my dear pal Lorilei in Alberta .... I finally saw the light.......... LOL......... oh dear.... maybe it was right in front of these blurry old diabetic eyes all the time.... and I just couldn't see it for the haze of heat that is destroying my brain cells as I write.
Would you believe that as of yesterday there were 531 forest fires burning in beautiful British Columbia. I am astounded by that amount... most of which began from lightening strikes. The heat wave continues ... the fires contine.... the animals continue to run for their dear little lives ... and I continue to pray for their safety and for the safety of the fire fighters. One of which died from heat exhaustion already. I've been through it all many times back in Australia and its horrible. Keep everything and everyone involved in your prayers too if you could.

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