Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I didn't know much about Ted Kennedy .. coming from Australia we don't get all the election stuff or news items from the USA .. so over the years all I really remember about him was the Chappaquiddick episode. Even then I was very young and didn't really understand what it was all about. It was the name I liked... it stuck in my head .. much as names still do like here in British Columbia we have a place called Chilliwack ..... :-) ~~
As he passes this week .. it sure seems that he was part of the American history. Nine siblings and he was the baby of the family ... and he was the only one to reach his seventies. So sad when the Kennedy's got assassinated, his brother Bill died in the war .. then there was Jackie Onassis .. his sister in law ... died very young .... and his nephew John in the plane crash... John's wife Caroline. I guess I will learn a lot more about him .. watching the telly this week it will certainly be inundated with stories about his life and times. He had dealings with 10 presidents ... over his 40-50 years in public life. Well now he's gone home to be with his beloved brothers and the rest of his family. Rest in Peace old Ted .......

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