Monday, August 3, 2009

I have borrowed this wonderful book from our online library and am enjoying it so much. Of course he's the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
During his lifetime he wrote thousands of letters to his mother in particular and to the rest of his family and as I read his letters to his mum back in 1870 and beyond ... I find him to be an endearing and very clever young man. He went off to school at age 8 .... and by all accounts the boarding school was very much a challenge to all the students capabilites and endurance. Hard times for sure... with not a lot to eat. He always asked his mother to send him food ... particularly around christmas. He was such a sweet young man ... full of dreams and ideas and even at age 10 or so was talking about the plays at school and Shakespeare and how "jolly" it was if there was a murder included.
He obviously loved writing ... and had quite an adventurous life .. I've only got as far as him being younger than his teens ... and its an exquisite read. Wonderful descriptions and insight into the Victorian era ...........and the life of this very clever man. He mentioned to his mum in one of his letters later on that it looks like the "Sherlock Holmes" stories have caught on .... what an understatement that was. He needed to earn money and although he was not a great fan of Sherlock it was those stories that people wanted and which paid the best. If only he knew that way into the future people were loving him for what he wrote... loving the stories, loving reading his letters ......... He loosely based his Sherlock stories on his medical mentor Dr. Joseph Bell ...
What an adventurous life he had....
You can hear about him from the website above.

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