Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I keep hearing about the health care in the USA and how Obama is pushing it through Congress. So many people don't seem to want it. I sit and think about the "cash for clunkers" program for cars... and how they needed over 1000 people to operate that. How many new public servants will the government have to hire to deal with the whole population of the USA if the bill passes.
He wants health care for every citizen including the 12 million illegals ....... that's a fine thing to want .. but at what cost to everyone who already is happy with their private health care ... One can only imagine the staggering line ups for testing like MRI's, operations or whatever .. if the whole country is standing in waiting rooms, doorways, hospitals etc waiting their turn. And how can it be "saving costs" to have a scheme that will require many many thousands of people to run it. And there would need to be "real people" at the end of the telephone calls ... not automated voices .. because all those medical personnel will have so many questions and people will be standing around waiting for attention. Gosh .. its mind boggling. Obama doesn't seem to understand that the country is running on empty ... there's no money ... wow!! He's only been in office 6 months .......

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