Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just watched a show about Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and of course wonderful Dean Martin. I remember my mum loved Bing Crosby.... my dear Auntie Cecilia was in love with Frank Sinatra .. :-)) and I am a real fan of Dean Martin. I've got some of his tunes on my playlist here on my blog so if you haven't got your speakers on .... you are missing some really nice music. ~~~~~~~~~ I spent the day watching telly .... walking my grand dog, and generally doing not much at all. Which is how I like it. The news seems to be all about the health bill in the USA ... and what a fiasco it will be. They can't run the "cash for clunkers" program ... ran out of that money that was supposed to last till the Fall... it was gone in 4 days ... and of course the Post Office is running at over a billion dollars loss each year. Health care I think will be no exception. People will lose so much .... there won't be enough doctors or facilities to go around .... and they want to provide coverage to the 11 million illegal aliens as well..... What the heck for !!!!!!!!!! I don't get it ...... The whole illegal alien thing I don't get. They give them credit cards, their kids go to College, and they are in the country illegally. The mind boggles .... how can they get this stuff with no social security number or any other identification ....... they are not USA citizens. wow....

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