Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr Holme's creator

These two are my favourite Holmes and Watson actors... Jeremy Brett of course... deliciously, devilish as Sherlock .......and Edward Hardwicke as Watson

I am still enjoying immensely my book on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I keep meaning to bookmark some of the pages so I can quote some of his wonderful words to my blog here ... and I must do that soon. He is so funny, he is battling at present .. about 1886 .... to sell some literature to make ends meet. He is very poor. He has his small medical practice going after getting some furniture sent to him from his devoted mother .... she sends him food packages as well.... and she also sent his younger brother there to keep him company. I feel sad for the fact that he had to struggle so much to just have enough food to eat .... his patients were few and far between .. even though he was a qualified doctor. He was writing and selling short stories that were published in magazines etc. to get some money to buy food and pay his rent.
In the following few years he will begin his Sherlock Holmes stories and things should look up for him immensely .. even though ..of course .. he did not like Sherlock all that much and wanted to kill him off later on in his literary writings ... Arthur C.D. has just got married ... his wife he describes as having a homely and kind face ... she seems a loving and also devoted fan of his ... but both of them now are struggling a great deal to get food and pay rent. It's a wonderful story of his life ... I will have to buy the book myself ... as I can see I'll need to borrow it for a much longer time than originally planned. One thing ... I never realised how many other stories he has written.... and I sure do love him for having the power in him to create the endearing and clever character of Sherlock and Dr. Watson. I will watch the movies now with a whole different take on the actual words spoken. One of his stories he thought would be publicly acclaimed in 1885.. yet was never liked much at all.... recently sold in 2007 for 156, 000 pounds in England.
It's like so many famous characters who lived their life in poverty only to be magnificent successes later on ......

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