Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well I knew it... something was amiss at the White House.

When so many people were complaining about receiving unsolicited letters from that source ... to get them to vote for and to push the Health Care system in the works.... of course they denied any knowledge of it having happened. Citizens were outraged at the spamming of their accounts with letters from David Axelrod .. (white house staff) ........ NOW we find out they paid a company to instigate it and spam everyone. What next!!! Gosh each day I listen to the news and get more frustrated and annoyed and down right pissed off at what the Obama administration is doing to the citizens of the USA. I'm not one ... I'm an Aussie ... but if I was I would be spouting off even moreso than I do here on my blog. I am continually amazed at what goes on.
And the Cash for Clunkers car scheme is finishing on Monday mainly because the government can't even get the cash back to the car dealerships and they are owed millions and millions of dollars... they've put the money up front now want reimbursement of course .. but that's not happening. How can they ever think they would run a new health care system with the whole population of the USA and the illegal immigrants using it ... when they can't cope with the car dealerships. I scratch my head ............. what on earth are they thinking.

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